What is Dry Eye?

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August 2, 2017

I have just returned from an incredible, informative conference in Atlanta, where I discovered exciting new tips, tricks and tools that I can’t wait to share with you!

The conference was hosted by the company behind the fantastic new dry-eye drug, Xiidra – you may have seen the recent commercials about their EyeLove product. I was thrilled to meet up with some of the most prestigious and insightful clinicians and scientists in the field of dry eye disease.   And, I came away from the conference full of inspiration and a renewed energy to help you, my readers, reach your goals of clear and comfortable vision.

So, what is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye is a multifactorial disease, with many causal factors: the environment, hormones, age, nutrition, and side effects from other medications can all contribute to the condition. It is a chronic and progressive disease, so your symptoms can escalate over time. In 2007, the definition of dry eyes was based on two main components: damage to the front surface of the eyes, and inflammation as a root cause.

The new definition

In May of this year, a new definition of this complex disease was released by a forum of 150 scientists and physicians, in 23 countries, who took 2 years and 400 pages of text to define it! I wasn’t joking when I said it was complex. The interesting part of this new definition was adding neurosensory pain to the mix of symptoms.   As a result of this new definition, I have reassessed the aims of MOISTUREyes. Instead of focusing on restoring stable and effortless vision, we now need to focus on ensuring clear and comfortable vision. By placing our focus on this area, I believe that the effects will be truly satisfying.

Our focus

Emmerson once said, “You become what you think about all day long”.  Let Moistureyes help you to switch your focus from dry eyes to clear, comfortable, and moisturized eyes.  Rather than focusing on the dryness caused by the disease, we focus on bringing renewed moisture to the eye. And, instead of addressing the pain of the disease, we focus on bringing relief to your eyes.

Let’s get started!

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5 Tips to Dry Eye Relief


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